Demolition and sorting grabs

  • ideal tool for demolition tasks and the sorting of all kinds of building materials, ...

  • shells and the reversible cutting edge are made of hardened steel (450HB)

  • 360° hydraulic rotator
Cutting width (mm)
Capacity (l.)
Closing force (kN)
Weight (kg)
for excavator
17-DG0536045191401-2 t
17-DG140080172202-5 t
17-DG2600200335105-9 t
17-DG3800370519409-15 t
17-DG490065076159016-22 t
17-DG51000760103184023-30 t
17-DG61230925125233029-40 t

The appearance of the products can deviate from the representation in the pictures.