Clamshell buckets

  • suitable for earthworks, trenches, foundations

  • 360° hydraulic rotator

  • cutting edge and side cuts made of 450 HB steel

  • optional: pendulum damper


DCS1-bucket: horizontal cylinder for a low operation height.

DCS2-buckets:vertical cylinder. (Pict. left)

Cutting width (mm)
Capacity (l.)
Number of teeth
Weight (kg)
for excavators
17-DCS1-3003006031451-5 t
17-DCS1-4004008031551-5 t
17-DCS1-50050010051651-5 t
17-DCS2-2702709032555-9 t
17-DCS2-30030010032605-9 t
17-DCS2-40040013532755-9 t
17-DCS2-50050017052905-9 t

Other sizes on request

The appearance of the products can deviate from the representation in the pictures.