• produced with high quality materials

  • fix mounted or quick coupler (e.g. Lehnhoff, ...)

  • with/without teeth

  • other sizes or special buckets on request


BauTec's point of knowledge: What you should know!

Buckets with Lehnhoff-System:

bucket width should be at least 230mm (MS01)

bucket width should be at least 250mm (MS03)

Working width (mm)
Capacity (l.)
Weight (kg)
for excavator
82-TL02-0303002638up to 2,0 t
82-TL02-0404003445up to 2,0 t
82-TL02-0505004353up to 2,0 t
82-TL02-0606005260up to 2,0 t
82-TL03-0303004252up to 3,0 t
82-TL03-0404005560up to 3,0 t
82-TL03-0505006970up to 3,0 t
82-TL03-0606008480up to 3,0 t
82-TL04-0303006070up to 4,0 t
82-TL04-0404007680up to 4,0 t
82-TL04-0505009292up to 4,0 t
82-TL04-060600112105up to 4,0 t
82-TL04-070700130115up to 4,0 t
82-TL04-080800152130up to 4,0 t
82-TL04-090900174140up to 4,0 t
82-TL05-0303009490up to 5,0 t
82-TL05-040400115100up to 5,0 t
82-TL05-050500136115up to 5,0 t
82-TL05-060600166130up to 5,0 t
82-TL05-080800226150up to 5,0 t
82-TL05-090900256165up to 5,0 t
82-TL05-1001000286175up to 5,0 t
82-TL06-030300114110up to 6,0 t
82-TL06-040400140125up to 6,0 t
82-TL06-050500166145up to 6,0 t
82-TL06-060600192160up to 6,0 t
82-TL06-080800262192up to 6,0 t
82-TL06-090900300210up to 6,0 t
82-TL06-1001000332225up to 6,0 t
82-TL09-040400148138up to 9,0 t
82-TL09-050500175158up to 9,0 t
82-TL09-060600200175up to 9,0 t
82-TL09-070700238195up to 9,0 t
82-TL09-080800274215up to 9,0 t
82-TL09-090900310255up to 9,0 t
82-TL09-1001000348290up to 9,0 t
82-TL15-050500300350up to 15,0 t
82-TL15-060600374390up to 15,0 t
82-TL15-080800524480up to 15,0 t
82-TL15-1001000690570up to 15,0 t
82-TL15-1201200870660up to 15,0 t
82-TL15-14014001005750up to 15,0 t
82-TL20-050500445410up to 20,0 t
82-TL20-060600538492up to 20,0 t
82-TL20-080800716655up to 20,0 t
82-TL20-1001000895815up to 20,0 t
82-TL20-120120011001000up to 20,0 t
82-TL20-140140013401100up to 20,0 t

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The appearance of the products can deviate from the representation in the pictures.