Track mats

Track mats (Power mats)


Excellent for mobile streets on the building site, or protection for grass/green or other sensitiv surfaces.


  • 10 years warranty
  • for your daily work - low weight and robust!
  • load 5 tons to 50 tons.

Other sizes on request

Dedicated for golf courses, grave yards, building sites, landscaping, events, ...

  • ecological (recycling material)
  • light weight
  • easy to handle
  • extremely durable
  • high flexibility
  • water- oil-repellent
  • no rusting
  • no rotting





... you should choose

the best track mats!


The video shows you how important it is

to buy quality.

HOW ...

... to use the track mats!



The video shows how simple it is to use the track mats.

Even only for 1 person!


Dimension (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Load capacity (t.)
Weight (kg)
77-B PP 2005102000x50010510
77-B PP 2005152000x500153015
77-B PP 2005202000x500205020
77-B PP 2010102000x100010520
77-B PP 2010152000x1000153030
77-B PP 2010202000x1000205040
77-B PP 3005103000x50010515
77-B PP 3005153000x500153022
77-B PP 3005203000x500205030
77-B PP 3010103000x100010530
77-B PP 3010153000x1000153045

77-B PP 301020



Other sizes on request

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  • groved strips "Traktion" (only for mats with 20mm thickness)

  • anti-slipfinish (available for all mats)



(Picture: groved strips "Traktion")







(Picture: anti-slip finish)


  • engrave your company-name (10 letters)
    (free of charge from 10 plates)

  • name or logo
    (technical details on request)

connect and fix:


  • mat connectors (for a quick and simple connection of the mats)

connect and fix:

  • for conncting the mats at the edge

  • 2way or 4way connector

connect and fix:


  • connect and fix the track mats even on a sloped surface

store and carry:


  • transport box for track mats

  • capacity:
    45 mats with 10mm thickness
    30 mats with 15mm thickness
    22 mats with 20mm thickness

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The appearance of the products can deviate from the representation in the pictures.