Outrigger pads

Outrigger pads

Pads for mobile cranes, cranes, truck equipment and many other things.


  • almost unbreakable
  • easy to handle
  • available in many different sizes



WHY ...

... you should think "safety first"!


Outrigger pads - for sure!

Square Pads


  • load capacity from 4 tons to 90 tons
  • 300mm up to 1200mm
  • Other sizes on request
Dimensions (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Load capacity (t.)
Weight (kg)
77-A 151.05/30300x3003042,5
77-A 151.08/30400x4003084,5
77-A 151.10/40400x40040106
77-A 151.12/40400x40050127,5
77-A 151.12/60400x40060159
77-A 151.15/40500x50040159
77-A 151.15/50500x500501512
77-A 151.20/60500x500602014
77-A 151.20/40600x600402014
77-A 151.23/50600x600502317
77-A 151.25/60600x600602520
77-A 151.25/40800x800402525
77-A 151.30/50800x800503031
77-A 151.35/60800x800603537
77-A 151.40/501000x1000504049
77-A 151.50/601000x1000605058
77-A 151.70/801000x1000807078
77-A 151.80/601200x1200608084
77-A 151.80/801200x12008090113

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Round Pads


  • load capacity from 30 tons to 80 tons
  • Ø 800mm up to 1200mm
  • Other sizes on request




Dimension (∅/mm)
Thickness (mm)
Load capacity (t.)
Weight (kg)
77-A 151.30/RO800603029
77-A 151.35/RO900603537
77-A 151.35/RO11000503538
77-A 151.40/RO1000604046
77-A 151.50/RO1000805061
77-A 151.50/RO11200605066
77-A 151.70/RO1200808088

Round Pads (shoe)


  • load capacity from 10 tons to 20 tons
  • Ø 400mm up to 600mm




Dimensions (∅/mm)
Thickness (mm)
Load capacity (t.)
Weight (kg)
Inner diameter (mm)
77-A 151.SPP40040080105205 oder 232
77-A 151.SPP50050080159256
77-A 151.SPP600600802015270

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Opions for outrigger pads

store and carry:


  • transportbox for pads

  • capacity:
    2 pads (300mm to 800mm)

Foot placement:


  • milling groove for the stabilisizer feet

  • available for round and square pads


  • engrave your company-name

  • name or logo
    (technical details on request)



  • anti-slip finish (for the pads)

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The appearance of the products can deviate from the representation in the pictures.