Grader LG 210/LG 270

  • for skid steer loader, wheel loader, back hoe

  • hydraulic side-shift (blade): 450mm

  • blade inclination +/- 30°

  • blade rotation +/- 35° (LG 270 +/- 40°)

  • electro-magnetic valves (on/off)

  • LG 270: proportional valves available

  • Optional: Laser system
Blade width (mm)
Hydraulic flow (l/min)
Pressure max. (bar)
Weight (kg)

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Grader LG 210:


Skid steer loader 2,5t. to 3,6t.

Wheel loader 3,0t. to 4,4t.

Back hoe 3,2t. to 5,0t.

Grader LG 270:


Skid steer loader 3,5t. to 5,5t.

Wheel loader 4,2t. to 7,8t.

Back hoe 4,2t. to 8,2t.

The appearance of the products can deviate from the representation in the pictures.