Linkage for DIGGA auger drive

With these linkage block the auger drive always keep in a vertical line. In uneven terain the auger is in plumb.


Pict. left: linkage for PD3 to PD6 auger

Pict. right: linkage for PDD and PDX 2

Excavator attachment (fix mounted)

Fix mounted attachment for excavators. Pin diameter 25mm to 50mm

Available in separate parts (photo) or complete welded.


To the order we need the diameter of the pin and the width of the excavator boom. Please enter the dimensions in the form:


>>>Dimensions of the attachment

Excavator attachment (quick coupler)

Available for almost all current quick coupler-systems






(Picture shows attachment for Lehnhoff MS03 Quick coupler)

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Attachment for wheel loader/skid steer loader

Attachment (frame) with cradle.


Available as a neutral frame or as a multifit skid steer frame.

(with attachment for skid steers or wheel loaders)


Cradle can be moved on the frame.









(picture shows neutral frame with cradle)

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Tooth equipment

Felt- and rubbersecuring to fix the teeth at the auger.

Picture: (from left)

- tooth without felt

- feltsecuring (replaced by a rubber surface)

- tooth with felt

- rubbersecuring

Metal sleeve/Pin

Sleeve or pin

To build an adaptor when there are different dimensions between the auger drive hub and the auger.

Picture (from left):

- pin 51mm hexagon

- sleeve 51mm hexagon

- sleeve 65mm round

Other dimensions on request.

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